Letters From My Future Self:
Musings of a Mid-Life Seeker



by Delia

  A collection of whimsical and wise poems to inspire and delight. Your purchase of this book will help contribute funds to Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International and The Wilderness Society.


Achieving Agreement: How To Creatively Manage Your Internal and External Conflicts



by Delia Horwitz

  A "do-it-yourself" workshop with explanations and checklists to identify and manage your emotional and physical reactions to conflicts and stress.


Emotional Anemia: The Refusal of Appreciation  -- Healing the Thoughts that Create Emotional Hunger



by Dr. Arnold Horwitz

  Not letting in appreciation from others or acknowledging ourselves leads to an "is that all there is" feeling. With this concise manual you can identify and understand the patterns keeping you stuck, and experience how to change your limiting self talk habits.


A personal Rhyme by Request
Enter your topic and a short explanation, and select either a greeting card with envelope or 8.5x11 parchment paper.





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